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About JUSA, the Junior United Soccer Association

From the beginning, JUSA's goals have been to advance and promote the physical fitness of youth in the community, to develop the sklls and knowledge of the game of soccer, and to promote the game of soccer by providing organized competition.

We now provide 3 levels of play.  Beginners start in our RECREATIONAL program; to learn the game and develop their skills. Then, they can move up to SELECT,  our advanced recreational tier.  After a season or two at this mid-level, players usually advance to COMPETITIVE play, or "CLUB", level.   

Everyone that signs up each season at the Recreational level will be placed on a team in the area that they live.  Select and Competitive levels have tryouts, and players are selected by coaches by skill levels. 

JUSA & TOPSoccer: The Outreach Program for Soccer

TOPSoccer stands for The Outreach Program for Soccer; a program adopted by US Youth Soccer in 1991, which provides children with special needs with the opportunity to participate in the sport of soccer. The emphasis is on letting the children develop in a setting suited to their needs and abilities, and modifications to the rules allow children with differing needs to find their chance for success.  Cal South instituted its own TOPSoccer program, with its very first league established by JUSA in 1992.    We're proud to be CalSouth's oldest partner!